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SILENT BUT DEADLY is a modern day silent comedy by Jeff Cioletti and Lou Tambone. Filmed on a cold day in March, 2002, it was submitted to the Atom Film/Lucasfilm Official STAR WARS fan film awards and became a finalist. In May of 2002, it went up against 43 other fine fan films for the top award, the George Lucas Selects award, chosen by George Lucas himself. There were also other awards such as the Fan Choice award, where the fans vote online at Atom Films and decide their champion. When all was said and done, it came away with two honorary mentions.

The film's plot is relatively simple. George Lucas decides he's had enough of the plot-revealing antics of the fan websites, so he sends out two of his top enforcers to handle the situation. They receive a list with three names on it and head out to do their job. They arrive at each webmaster's home in various, humorous ways and abduct each one. They later find themselves at an undisclosed location, tied and bound, and are submitted to the most horrible torture a STAR WARS fan could ever dream of...Needless to say, these three won't be logging back on any time soon. Lucas' plan has succeeded, but who's next on his list?

SILENT BUT DEADLY 2 is the sequel to the original. This time around, the troopers are called out of retirement by George Lucas to handle a fan on the edge who's hitting Lucas hard in the pocket by keeping people away from the long lines associated with STAR WARS events. As usual, the troopers come through and the crazed fan is subdued after putting up a formidable series of struggles.

In the summer of 2003, SILENT BUT DEADLY 2 went up against another horde of great Star Wars fan films at Atom Films and Lucasfilm's second Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. It came home with a trophy and cash prize for the "Spirit of Fandom." It was both a great surprise and a great honor for everyone involved with the project.

SILENT BUT DEADLY 3 was released in 2004 and is the closing film of what became an eventual trilogy. In this installment, the 3 webmasters from the first film team up with the crazed fan from the second film for some fanboy-style revenge on the troopers that did them wrong. Plans are hatched to get back at the troopers and fans are eventually spoiled as things go wrong. Mayhem ensues but justice prevails...at a price. George Lucas will handle things personally in the end and the overzealous fans won't know what hit them. A screwball comedy mixed with silent film traditions makes for a perfect ending to this series.

You can view the films and visit the official SILENT BUT DEADLY website at http://www.fadproductions.com/sbd/.

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